Monthly Archives: March 2003

Wasssuppp? I’m posting like 20 minutes before I head of to school. Say goodbye to the Halloween section. Due to time and Web Space, I’m afraid I couldn’t keep it up. It may make a return later but for the moment All I’m focusing on is Amanda Bynes, The X-Files and Buffy & Angel. If you live in Ireland watch ‘What I Like About You’ Tonight on TG4. My new GameCube game, Sonic Mega Collection came today. All the classic Sonics rolled into one. HEAVEN! See U L8R!


I wanted to say YEAH!!! I’ve got 1000 hits at Amanda Bynes UK. I’m too tired to update the actual page. I think I might be ill again. Played on Resi Evil today. I got quite far but now I’m stuck. I can’t kill Plant 42. Any ideas? e-mail me! I going, NOW!!!

The pictures have been exposed

Apparently they are pics of a sub the size of 2 football fields. It’s called ARK II. HM has read it as a sign that there will be CATACLYSMIC FLOODS. Check it out for yourself at If you can’t be bothered reading it all then scroll to the bottom to see a link to another website claiming that the ship is the launch of something. E-mail them with the correct answer and you’ll win something. is where you will see a similar picture.

In my news, I’m going to my sisters engagment party tonight and my friend is staying over. Speak 2 U L8R

Woohoo! It worked. View my amazing HTML skills. Pages like The Lone Gunmen, Halloween, Buffy & The X-Files will all be changing soon as well.


I came back off my residentail last night. It was a blast! I got to do loads of camera work and loads of walking. I feel so refreshed but so tired at the same time. It’s my sisters engagement party tomorrow. I might go play on Resident evil now. I bought it for the gamecube on Wednesday. Only £32.99 from I’ll be updating tomorrow with my thoughts about and the pictures. Bye!