You wanna say you’ve had a busy week…?


I had work on Monday which saw me stuck in a hot office surfing the internet,

I love going there but I just didn’t need that, I wanted to do something

productive. Anyway, I’m not being mean, It’s just Wednesday, Tuesday & Today

(Thursday) I’ve been at the hospital, my only free day at home has been…

tomorrow, and that hasn’t started yet, when you get home from places like work

and the hospital all you feel like doing in this heat is collapsing and going…


It’s been too hot. To damn bloody hot! RAIN!!! Where for art though rain (and

for all those smart arses that are laughing, I’m well aware I just said ‘Why are

you rain’, it just sounds cool, ‘kay?)? Whilst at the hospital I managed to

(Tuesday) raise two babies into children on The Sims for the GameCube. Then

yesterday I started work on a new board for a board game I invented on the

computer, I finished it today and printed it out. Now I’m going to make millions

by selling it to Waddingtons…


Now I’m alone because Alice and Eleanor have gone home so I’ve got you to

console my self…


Honestly, where are the good sites anymore, maybe I’ve spent so long on the

internet that nothing amuses me anymore. Actually, I had a good time yesterday,

I went to a site about Pokémon Shipping

(Shipping is a term in a TV series which means linking two characters in a

romantic way), you should find it in the Goggle Directory under Pokémon

fan-sites. It’s funny and links all the characters romantically, even Ash and

Brock. Yeah I like Pokémon, those critters

are cool and whoever thought of them must be rolling the dosh by now.



Commercial: ‘Allowance Doubler’ on The Amanda Show"

Anyway, this is the most I’ve wrote since FOREVER, I guess I’ve got more to

say when I’m ticked off. Anyway, I should go read ‘The Named’ by Marianne Curly,

it’s sooo good and IMO I’m starting to like it better than ‘Old Magic’. Although

Old Magic did have an everlasting charm. I hope ‘The Named’ can do the same. And

then there’s the sequel coming out in September. If you don’t know who Marianne

Curly is then go find out. Leave my site!

Tom Tom the Piper’s Son. Stole a Pig and away he ran!

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