Monthly Archives: October 2003

I’ve updated “This Is Tom“. It’s got brand new Pictures. Check it out. It’s me and my mates 🙂 In other news READ Marianne Curley, she’s the best author of “Old Magic” & “The Dark” & “The Named”. That’s it G2G, bye


My Blood Count is 8.2 and I’m having a transfusion on Friday. The Pictures page is updated with Pictures taken by Emma only a few days ago. Thanks Emma 🙂 I’m in my Media room at the moment, Jenny says hi, Emma says hi & Debbie says hi! We’re all hi!!

The big scab on my infected finger came off. It’s all better underneath but a bit red. Doesn’t hurt though. I haven’t coughed as much today so I will probably be back at school tomorrow. I want to go back. Had a transfusion on Friday.

Well it looks like the leeds film festival will be a no-no. I really want to try and get there but it looks like with the timing and college and… well, me being me I won’t be able to go. I’ll probably pass the list of films to Emma. I would sell my left arm for Kill Bill to be a 15. I want it to be an 18 but becasue of me being me I can’t see an 18. Anyway, bright happy things? Can’t think of none. Except I managed to FTP Blog. That’s a huge step for me as before I found it confusing. There’s lots of stuff happening at the moment and I just want it to be sorted out quietly and quickly… Yeah Right!