Monthly Archives: November 2003

Hi. So the point of this blog was to update more… Sorry!

Anyway been off school and ill, back in hospital with another line infection. Cleared up with antibiotics. Came out to rest back home Sat 6 Nov and I had a Blood Count of 11.1 on Tue 9 Nov. Blood Culture tests revealed nothing had grown so infection has now gone or subsided or just generally p***ed off to find some other person to hassle. I have a blood count of 9.5 this week and it’s my last day of permidrinate tomorrow.

That sum it up? C you later

There’s a new way to enjoy Amanda Bynes UK…

Go there now!

Okay, Is it possible for a Video Game to be in the UK Top 15 Films Box Office? Check this out before they update. Weird? What’s also weird is that fact I’m blogging so much. I’ll stop now and watch the rest of X2. It’s really good.

Junior Eurovision: Well we didn’t win but Tom was a damn-sight better then Jemini. Let’s just hope things go as well as the junior show for UK’s entry in the 2004 Adult Eurovision Show next year. I’m going to go watch X-Men 2 now. C ya