Monthly Archives: January 2004

Hi. My blood count is low even after I had blood for five hours on friday. What does that mean. Well it could just be that it’s out of date blood (well not out of date but not as fresh as I usually get it). You people are always stingy around christmas with your blood, at a time when you should be giving. Seriously, give blood. It helps people like me say alive. And that’s a good thing, something I don’t want to stop because people give up giving blood. I shall have to bite your necks and wear false fangs!


Guess what. The career’s woman cancelled our meeting because she had a meeting. Now I’m like “Erh??!!” whatdoido? She rescheduled for Monday but the worst part is she came to tell me before dinner that her meeting she had that made her cancel her meeting with me… was cancelled… HILARIOUS >¦-(

Don’t feel to well. I think I’m going to drink my tea and watch Black Christmas again. It’s so good that movie!

Check out my movies section for a new clip (RealOne needed) and info about the official website for “The Clown”.

Hi. Hope y’all had a happy New Year. My New Year was slightly better then my christmas except our beloved family dog, Zero had to be put down due to old age and ill-heath. Fortunately I had realised this was coming and I am taking it a lot better then I thought I would. But I’m jut so lonely. Love You Zero.

I’m in a Media lesson at the moment so is there anything better to do then to blog. Media is so pointless. I really, REALLY hate it. I like Film Studies and, heck, i’m not to bad at it. But Media, official National Cirriculiam Media, I’m sh!t at it. Media, as in film & tv media, I’m great at. A Grade material (my teacher, the nice one, even said so) in Editing. It’s a real shame I love Film Studies because I hate school, no I hate my school. It would be the donkey’s ar$e if it was cast in pantomime. That’s how bad it is. What school is it… INTAKE HIGH SCHOOL!! Yeah, how do you like that. You school is the donkey’s ar$e.

I think subconsciencely(?sp) I’m trying to get kicked out because I don’t think I would ever leave. I wouldn’t know what to do. But hey, I’m having a carreers interview tomorrow so hopefully I can get a job. A decent job, a job which I’m good at. But heck if the carreers teacher is as sh!t as the school is then I’m doomed, doomed.

But it can’t be worse then being you who just had to read my pointless rantings about my school. HA!