Monthly Archives: February 2004

Didn’t they sack Britney from representing them? Huh, next they’ll be getting Boob Jackson to sell it!


Hi. I’ve updated my photo’s again. There are 9 new ones. Thanks to Steve for taking them and thanks, thanks, thanks for Debbie who let me put on the very first pictures of me at a school filming trip. And yes, those aren’t my dogs. Harvey and Zero are my dogs. Harvey is alive but sadly Zero is not with us anymore. I want to find a really good photo of him to show you. Keep your fingers crossed. Oh and here’s something that I love watching on TV…

Dare For More!

Also, that slipper in the photo with Harvey is now completely missing. I think he might have ate it!

I’ve actually changed the layout for my illness webpage – – go for the funny photos of me and my college chums. I’ve been mIRCing alot lately. It’s IRC chat if you didn’t know what that is. Hi to all you at #amandabyneschat. Well no! What else did you think I’d be chatting about. I’m very stiff in my joints. I’m going to go eat and rest now. BRRRRR it’s cold and rainy. But I s’pose that’s better than it being hot and sunny…. yeah it is. Hi to my dad who gets the internet on Wednesday. You technology slow man you :-p – only joking. Hope you managed to get your printer working! BTW – remember ? It’s mysteriously vanished 8-0 shock horror! Big deal, nice story though, wish the author would have kept it on.