Monthly Archives: March 2004

It gets better is getting better because now I’m launching my custom made south park emotion icons (or as you know them, emoticons) They will show you how I’m feeling at this precise time. Right now I’m tired, as you can tell! I’m surfing and gave Jenny my Film Studies Coursework to hand in because I will not be in school tomorrow. If you’re wondering, I’m in Year 13, and I got my Media Resit grade today. It’s my AS grade, ‘C’. I’m very pleased because that’s a pass. My previous grade was a ‘D’. Jenny got a ‘C’ too.


Right, I’m going in for a Transfusion tomorrow after only two weeks – my blood count is 8.1 – it’s dropped over 2 full points in a week… Actually that’s 2 weeks! My goof, I didn’t go last week because I wasn’t feeling to well. The summer sun is really starting to take it’s toll. Okay, so it’s not summer yet, but it will be soon, and my fingers are alreadt covered in blood blisters, so I think my skin is a bit weak… but the blood blisters can also be contributed to Harvey!! Our trusty school computers broke down, so I won’t be able to update from school anymore or put up any phots of my school mates… there is one more I got to FTP before they broke so keep your eyes peeled for when I announce that. There’s a radical new Layout at so check it out whynot!

Hi. This is my brand new layout! If you don’t have Flash or Inline Frame capabillities then you’re pretty much screwed! But most of you should. As the title says, ‘It gets better…’ which is the new moto for my Blog*Spot. So, don’t worry, it’ll get better… just as soon as I think of something to write!

I’ve been chatting a lot on MSN recently, here’s me chatting to Jenny. My mum’s been very ill over the past two days but it seems as if she’s getting better. Me, I just can’t seem to get ill. I’m just, you know, still that ill, my condition. It’s causing a lot of problems lately. Problem’s that I’m not happy with and are effecting me more than I’d like. That’s all I can write now, stuff’s been happening and I’m not to comfortable in sharing it yet. So, sorry my online diary is such a dull-fest!