Monthly Archives: April 2004

Blahh, another layout I bet you’re saying. Well yes, I just didn’t like all that black! This is something new that I’ve never tried so here it is, version 7 probably! I got G-Mail, I got G-Mail!! Thanks only to, I think it’s great, why do I think it great… duh, 1000MB of space is why! I’ve still got my awful cold, but it’s a little bit better. Wahhhhhh, Fred’s dead! I cried at last nights Angel episode, Amy Acker deserves an Emmy… wait, an Oscar for that performance. Hello Illyria, kinda sexy? Here’s my TV tips at the moment… This Week’s Innovative Show: MTV’s Room Raiders, MTV 7pm. I think there’s something very appealing about snooping around someone else’s home, especially when you know nothing about them, but, isn’t this a bit like Through the Keyhole without the Celeb’s or Lloyd "Who lives in a house like this" Grossman? Least Innovative Show: 60 Minute Makeover. I’d expect it all to fall apart and the paint to crack after a few days. Who wants there house redecorated in an hour? Obviously some people do, and I have t admit, it looked good. I’m cold, it was nice weather in Brid over the Easter hols, now in Leeds it hasn’t stopped raining! But rain’s good too!

I’m back from filming ‘The Clown’, this new version is definately going to blow you away, you’ll understand more about the clown this time. Watch the old movie while it’s still up at ‘The Clown’. I’m full of cold and Harvey (the dog) has just licked me all over, good to be back! Hope you enjoyed easter. US pay attention, WATCH What I Like About You, Tonite on THE WB at 7:30pm Central!

Anyone notice how I’m really bad at updating this?! I am doing so now under pressure from debbie sat <— there! What’s up? I got my blood count up to 12.1 after that last transfusion. I am feeling good, I had a really fun time yesterday, April Fool’s Day, we got you Gary!!! I like putting up pictures from here so I’ll try and do some more. I am going back to ‘The Clown’ lodges in April, I will not succumb to the sequel curse but I will be filming additional scenes plus a ‘The Clown’ revisited if that falls through. I’m in the photography computer room now, It’s the last day today. Oooh, Media next…..! I WILL update later.