Monthly Archives: May 2004

ARGH! I didn’t do it. My school was on the front page of the Evening Post, good job no-one read this, or maybe they did. If you’re reading this, hellllooooo! This week I went into college Wed, Thur, Fri. Very good penultimate week actually, only four more days left. Then of course exams but I only have four… wow, it’s very scary. I can’t put the new movie of the clown up yet because I haven’t got permission, I’m trying to wire a copy to ‘The Heaps’ as we speak so that they can give it the all clear and all you guys can see it. I’ve moved things around on the main page, there’s a link to sign my guestbook, I’ve got rid of the Halloween stuff, I’ll leave that to the professionals, but I will still try to make more trailers. God, I haven’t got anything juicy to say… Except for my school going down, however the new building looks very nice, I expect to come back in September to see it. I can tell you that for my 18th Birthday I’m going to see the new Harry Potter movie, the Prisoner of Azkaban is my favourite of the 5 books so I’m hoping it will also be my favourite movie, thanks Jenny & Emma for making that suggestion. *JESUS* Someone just fired up a drill next-door, I’m alone and it scared the crap out of me, it sounds like a chainsaw! That’s too scary, it’s stopped now. All you who have a Region 1 player should check out buying the final episode of Friends, it comes out on Tuesday so you could watch it like 3 weeks before everyone else.


A very rare occurance for me is that I’ve managed to have 3 weeks in between each blood transfusion for the past 6 weeks, I’ll be having a transfusion on Friday. I will be standing down from my school on Thursday, there should be lots of celebrating, maybe even some photos that I keep promisining you, for definate I’ll put some up of my 18th birthday. Stay out of the Sun,