I had a transfusion last Friday but during it I got a small (well, for me anyway) nosebleed. I hate that word so from now on n.. that word shall be reffered to as ‘face accident’. So, even though my face accident was small it was in both nostrils, and woudln’t go away. I was having a lot of blood and so I thought I wouldn’t need any again for at least 2 weeks, because I had managed to go for 3 weeks without any. But now after that impressive 21 day stunt I’ve had 2 in 7 days! But my secnd one was on a 9.2 blood count and I didn’t have any face accident’s. Speaking of the hospital… which is lame ‘cos that’s all I ever do on this blog! They offered me a filming gig, it’s to film at their 1st Annual Under 13’s ball, I am glad to get the work! Also my first ever published words went up in the Candlelighters magazine, but I haven’t gotten a copy yet and I’ve forgotten what I wrote. I’m the column’s Entertainment Reviewer, which is what I’m good at and I’m going to the cinema tomorrow so I can write about whatever film I’m going to see. There’s loads of DVD’s coming out in October, I’m itching for some World Cinema since I’ve got no Film Studies anymore. The one I hope to get is called Chungking Express and is a fantastic movie. There’s another movie I also am itching for which is Ghost World, I got to see it on a Media Field Trip. But due to the success of Scarlett Johanson (mmm) I’m suspecting the DVD maybe re-released with more features, ala Donnie Darko which is another film I say at said Media Trip, the new Director’s Cut DVD for that is out in October too. I’ll see you later, POST COMMENTS!

The World Will Never Forget… 11/9


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The central hub of all things Thomas McNab - a 30-year-old Yorkshire-born writer and filmmaker, living with a disability, and medicating himself with obscene amounts of films, television, and amateur wordplay. Find out more at http://tomsbrain.2ya.com.

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