Yearly Archives: 2004

Ok okay, blue, yellow… black! What was I on. Anyway, Anyway everything is resolved now and matching too, both This is tom and Tomsbrain look the same so it kind of all feels like one big group. I’m hoping to get a proper web address soon like – We’ll have to see.


Whether Kat Dennings likes them or not I still think they’re evil. Warning, viewer discretion advised: My Cat Hates You… dot com!

I was just updating my music files (downloaded Napster, it’s great) and thought I’d voice my opinion on how I cannot believe Busted beat Anastacia to win Record of The Year. Did anyone even see Thunderbirds? The song sucks, movie sucks and the band sucks. And don’t even get me started on X-Factor… but I don’t even watch all that sh*t, it’s my mum who watches it okay!

OH MY GOD!!!! The Lone Gunman (Region 1) – That’s the best news I’ve heard all day. Woohoo!