Monthly Archives: January 2005

Haha, what did I say about Family Guy just a few months ago?!


It was fixable! I’m back on my laptop, at a slightly lower voltage… surely that’s a good thing?! I’ve updated the bootlegs and movies (there’s a new one) so that all the links work properly. Just watched Final Destination.. I’ve seen it 4 times but it always freaks me out. It was written by some of the guys from The X-Files (will there ever be a post where I don’t mention X-Files… no, because it rules!) so I really just love the story it tells… ‘cept for the whole deleted pregnancy thing, glad it WAS deleted. My package of über importance arrived on Wednesday but was delivered to the wrong house! So I only got it today.. oh yeah, you wanna know what it was. All 15 discs of Futurama. Dr. Zoidberg perscribed it to me today during my transfusion. I’ve also put up the new “McT Movies” logo in the movies page; I really excelled in that one, so much better than McT Productions. Hope no-one from them ever finds I used their name before I was famous; it’ll be my first (but not last, lol) lawsuit.

I had that whole thing were you swallow blood but none comes out of your nose yesterday evening whilst reading Total Film. So I got comfy and watched some X-Files (“Kitsenguri” “Chinga”) Chinga was great, but why does Scully keep getting the episodes all to her self? I have a transfusion 2moro but after yesterday I want to take a stand and say to them “It’s going in at 90 and I’m not having like 700ml, ‘kay!” I’m feeling so sick of hospital’s. I had 2 weeks off over Christmas so like going back is really sucky. They’re (not the hospital) all like “You’re so luck, no school…” I’d gladly trade and go to school if I didn’t have to go to the hospital… AND my laptop is still busted (mwhahaha, they’re breaking up) so I’ll have f’all to do whilst I’m there. That’s it, no way am I having 700ml, even if I have to go back next week I don’t care.


Did I tell you all about how suddenly the USB broadband stopped working so last month I forked out £100 quid for a wireless ADSL network. Well now my flaming laptop adapter has gone kaput. Hopefully it’s a fixable problem. I’m on the PC downstairs now… It’s a bit ‘naff, Alice & Eleanor and Steve use it too so it’s filled with unfamiliar programs. Also I downloaded something to watch and realised that we don’t have the correct codec down here to watch it. No-one is online to help me (where are you all)? I have just got an electric toothbrush so if I don’t post for ages you can assume that it has electrocuted me! We’re taking the christmas tree down. So christmas is over I suppose, it’ll take a while to remember 05 instead of 04. Eurgh, 4 songs out of the top 5 are cover versions, UK charts suck.