The hype for Eurovision 2005 has started I see. We pick our representative in 2 weeks. Don’t make a fool of us Britain. Here’s my opinion of the songs short-listed for the UK…

Javine: Sounds a bit like ‘My Perogative’. For the past 2 years all the songs have sounded a bit Turkish, like this one.

Tricolore: LOL! You have to be kidding me.

Katie Price: Don’t know how well she’d sing live to be honest. The song is to weak.

Gina G: Trying to make a comeback? Don’t do it by representing us, the 90’s are over if you didn’t heard.

Andy Scott-Lee: Straight off I want to say I hate the Scott-Lee clan. But this is my second favourite.

I wrote a song fit for the Eurovision… Back in 2000, I don’t know how well it’d do in today’s competition but I’d sure like to find out how to submit one… Just that who would I feel comfortable with singing it. Imagine if I wrote a song and then someone like Gina G sang it. I’d be mortified. We’ve been doing better in the junior Eurovision then the real Eurovision which just goes to show how much of a part politics play in the voting of the Adult Eurovision. But it’s so easy to blame politics when the real fact is all our entries for the past 4 years have been crap! Take a listen to some of the other entries this year, here.

I received my copy of Marianne Curley’s last book in the Trilogy, I can’t wait to get started reading it. I’ve drawn up a big chart on my whiteboard so that I can remember exactly what happened in the previous two books. My memory ain’t so good as I read them over a year ago and as to why I just don’t re-read them, I can’t wait to begin reading the third one! But once I have read it I will read them all again (even Old Magic) just so I fully understand this fantastic story. I can’t wait to see what this would be like as a movie. But sometimes book-to-movie translations are poor and with this being Australian I think if Hollywood ever wanted to turn it into a movie it would just be spoilt, even if they went to film it in New Zealand (like they did with LOTR). Speaking of poor translations, Dark Water is being remade by Hollywood, I’m not anticipating that one as the Japanese version is a classic. But I am about to watch the original version of Ju-On: The Grudge after watching (and loving) the American version. So unlike with Dark Water and The Ring (sequel comes out soon too) I can see if it matters watching the original before the remake!


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