Hi! I made a new video bootleg. Again, not my bootleg but it is my editing. Go appreciate it. I also posted the link to the Caliente Affairs drama I am writing with The Sims 2. There’s four episodes and loads more to come. I can’t think of much more to write, I’m just killing time before I go watch Desperate Housewives… Second thought, I’m not going to watch Desperate Housewives, I’ve never even seen that show in my life and anyone who says I have is a straight up liar! I’ll probably go watch some show about cars and gadgets or some film with Vin Diesel in it. Examine the two statements and decide for yourself which one I’m actually going to be doing tonight! My cousins and family from Ireland are over in England so hello to you all. You chose not to sleep at our house… We had bed’s made and everything… How dare you!


About tomsbrain

The central hub of all things Thomas McNab - a 33-year-old Yorkshire-born writer and filmmaker, living with a disability, and medicating himself with obscene amounts of films, television, and amateur wordplay. Find out more at http://tomsbrain.2ya.com.

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