Well, I was supposed to be in Filey right now, but my Hickman Line kind of.. Got dislodged in my body so today I had it removed. That wasn’t so bad, it was basically like pulling out A.. Bogey! Or something like that! I don’t know how to describe it, it was weird. I’ll have to see if I can take some pre and post chest pictures before my new line gets put in on Wednesday. It didn’t happen whilst I was away, it happened before I left so I had to go into the ward to see what the doctor said and all they said was if I get it properly taped up to my chest then it shoudlbe okay. And it was, I wasn’t okay though. Knowing my line was practically falling out pretty much ruined my time there. Then yesterday I got a call saying I should come back since I’m in pain and they’ll schedule an operation to have a new line put in. So I came off my holiday after not ever 24 hours and went into the hopsital and stayed overnight… Then this morning they informed me that there had been a “misunderstanding” and I was having my operation next week. They got a surgeon to pull out my old line and now I’m at home.

So all I want to know is what was stopping them from doing this on Monday. I could be on holiday right now without a line and without any worries. I don’t have an infection, in fact there was No Blood at all when my line was removed! I just checked now and it still looks fine. Anyway, I feel a bit used and abused by the hospital so I’m glad my operation is not until next week. I don’t like them very much at the moment, there’s a serious lack of communication. Check out a few Pictures from my holiday… Well, my day-out anyway!


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