Monthly Archives: March 2005

You remember that I told you I’d begun writing. We’ll I’ve decided to commit to it fully. “The Caliente Affairs” started as a little experiment but now this sexy teen-drama is going to be a series. I plan for there to be 22 instalments for the first season, just like on tv! But it’ll work a little different, instead of being divided into ‘episodes’ it’s divided into ‘parts’, then those parts are divided into chapters, which makes it easier to write and update. Check out Episode One in full and then you just try stopping yourself from clicking on Episode Two. Hey, if things go well (i.e. people SIGN my guestbook) there may even be a spin-off series! Also, if you want to sign my guestbook to say how sad this sounds, you may, but I’ll hate you for it!

There’s some updates over at This Is Tom…, but you didn’t need reminding, did you?!


There’s a new video clip, showing what a normal Tuesday is like for me, from my point of view! It might be part of a bigger movie, but I can’t say yet! Click on Pictures. Also I’ve put a scan of my first ever published Film Review, woohoo!