Monthly Archives: May 2005

Either I’m feeling very musical all of a sudden or I’m really bored? Either way I’ve whipped up another toe-tapping bootleg, pitting new girl Amerie against Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love”, resulting in “One Crazy Thing Called Love”. Just like this one, you catch all the other mp3’s over at the Bootleg’s page.


I’ve been a busy bee today! Introducing the new-look Lone Gunmen mini-site. It’s got picture’s and everything!

Boy those National Lottery instant games are addictive.. I won a pound, but it costs a pound. I was so tempted play again, but I fought temptation! Mwahahahahaha. They let you win the first one so you try again, it’s all a scam! Just like Vegas… Which is 50 years old this month, Happy Birthday Vegas, you money-stealing, ripping-off, son-of-a-HEY! it’s half past six, better go now.

I’m feeling very creative this week, as I have made another bootleg. Ever wondered who Mya was bitching about in ‘Case of the Ex’, well I can exclusively reveal it was none other then Ashanti. Find out the whole story by listening to my new bootleg, “Only U’re Ex”, available in a short version as well over at the Bootleg’s page. Now a shout out to Zach, thanks for making the great Hollaback Girl bootleg and I hope that everything goes well in the future. Now I’ve just got type a few more words so the text wraps around the picture properly. That should do it!