Monthly Archives: September 2005

Saw a squirrel walking home today, it’s the first one I’ve seen for a while! Okay so that’s probably not interesting but I thought it was a good opener. Got back to “work” on Tuesday, we started writing the script and it’s coming along really great. One of my Mashup Videos was included at Club GYBO this week over in Glasgow, anyone who attended I hope you enjoyed yourself and thanks for letting me be a part of it James. I should probably be doing something else right now but I’m watching a video of the other videos played at club GYBO, there’s some really good songs and videos. Any muggers/rapists/burglers can look away now… Done? Right, I’m home alone tonight so it’s pretty quiet and it’s raining outside… You can look back now! I think I’m actually cold, that must be the first time since April. W00t Summer’s over =D


Did you know they’re already selling Halloween paraphernalia? Well, they are at TK Maxx’s – I say that because the Halloween theme just randomly played on my iTunes and I thought that August was pretty early to start selling Halloween stuff. Could thid mean Halloween is going to get bigger and bigger? I hope so, every stuffy old brit over here thinks Halloween is a glorified party that shouldn’t be celebrated but in my opinion Halloween has way more reasons to be celebrated than some of the other holidays… Like Guy Fawkes, what the fudge is that about. We’ve dedicated a day to some guy who tried to blow up the houses of parliment. W00t! You rock dude?!?!?! Of course people would drown on about tradition and stuff and we have to celebrate it because it’s British heritage. Seriously, about 75% of holiday’s are probably bull and it overshadows the 25% that are genuine. I’m very sorry about the mindless rant but I’ve had like very little human contact in the last 5 days and I need to get some things off my chest. My chest, if only I could open it up and show you what’s inside…

Back to school and all that jazz (I wonder if I’ll stop saying that sometime this milennium). I’ve got a script meeting today regarding the little short film we’re making (We’re calling it ‘Nightshift’ unless something happens and someone says no) and then all new WILAY has begun on Nick so I’m watching that everyday… Except maybe today 😐 I might not get home in time. Oh well, busy life of me – You can always count on Nick to repeat in a couple of weeks =D Here’s 2 new bootlegs I whipped up yesterday for your pleasure and if you check out the ‘Bootlegs’ page there’s about 6 new additions, check it out now…. NOW!

Do I have to stop using the term ‘Gap Year’ next week and try and find myself a job? Screw that, I’m off to bed!