Monthly Archives: October 2005

I’m just taking a tiny break from watching ‘Rock School’ (the TV Show, not the movie) to tell you that FINALLY my t.A.T.u album is on its way… Although I doubt I’ll get it until Monday. Debbie came over today and I had a really good chat, in fact I’ve talked my little butt off today! I didn’t have a good nights sleep and had to wake up early so I (plan) am going to bed early tonight. I finally updated ‘Totally Angel’ today. It’s got a really lush purple background and I’ve started to put together the big gallery which I’ll be adding DVD Caps to eventually. Good stuff, I’m watching Season 1 at the moment. I really want to try and see ‘Serenity’ whilst it’s in theatres. There’s a new t.A.T.u bootleg (I know what you’re thinking, but I only have three of the albums 14 tracks, I’m not some serial downloader) which you can listen to if you want, I don’t really care, it was just a bit of fun. Take care,


You will not believe the day I am having, technology is doing its damn hardest to screw me over tonight. It’s gotten to point where all I can do is laugh, I sit and wonder if it’s even worth writing this, no doubt something will go wrong. Why? What’s the point. Ah well, I know it’ll work eventually… Right?! And I had such high hopes for this week, I wonder if it has something to do with Karma. Some fool at (name changed to protect their identity) sent me the wrong DVD boxset and I ended up paying only £27.99 for something that should have been in the realms of £60! Yep, I’m a big believer in fate so that’s obviously the reason. There’s no such thing as good or bad luck, fate has already been pre-conceived by some almighty powerful higher being! Can you honestly tell me that you have total control over all your decisions one-hundred percent of the time?

I thought not.