We Belong DeadI’ve made a new blog! Okay, so regular readers (that is if I even have regular readers) will know that I currently have two blogs and they’ll be thinking now I’ve got a third how long is it going to last. Well, you don’t have to worry because it’s not only me who’s updating ‘We Belong Dead‘. Me and my friend James set it up to blog about topics related to horror and other randomness. We’ve already made 5 excellent posts so why not go and catch up… Did you know that a blog is updated somewhere on the internet every second? Fascinating!


About tomsbrain

The central hub of all things Thomas McNab - a 33-year-old Yorkshire-born writer and filmmaker, living with a disability, and medicating himself with obscene amounts of films, television, and amateur wordplay. Find out more at http://tomsbrain.2ya.com.

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