Monthly Archives: February 2006

I actually followed through and did what I said I was going to do. Here’s the updated layout, full of linky goodness. I actually thought it was one week ahead of what it really is, don’t know why. Oh, very exciting news. Soon I hope to be adding streaming video for most of my films. I didn’t actually realise you could only get them in Real Media and I think that’s limiting the amount of people who can watch them. I can stream them in Windows Media, but not Quicktime… At least not yet, never say never!


I went shopping for the first time in ages at the White Rose. It really sucked, I’m too used to shopping online that I just ended up mindlessly walking around HMV and WHSmith without buying anything! Saying that, I had just bought three DVD’s so I was also thinking that I shouldn’t spend any more money on crap… Seeing how I still owe my mum £100! Filming was cancelled for today, so I have nothing to do know… I’m glad my DVD’s came otherwise I’d have been über bored. So after last night I worked on an updated template for the site, I won’t be putting it up yet however, too much unnecessary work seeing how it’s basically a couple of font and link changes. I doubt any of you really even care that much! Happy birthday Haley =D

Aww,the Blogger logo is a little heart and I DON’T CARE! Stop screwing with me, the toolbar that’s supposed to make my life oh-so-simple is failing, I hate Google, I hate Google. The guestbook that’s supposed to make me happy reading everyone’s comments is failing, I hate Yahoo!, I hate Yahoo!. My camera that was supposed to do the filming is broken, I hate Panasonic, I hate Panasonic. I hate St. Valentine’s Day… No, not really, it has done nothing to piss me off and I even got a Happy V Day off of someone (not that V Day, today’s V Day). Bla, but I still am sad that I can’t read your comments… Thinking thoughts, thinking consolidate all my loans into one easy monthly payment. No, wait, that’s not what I’m thinking, replace loans with websites. Find an alternative guestbook, one that doesn’t screw me over. Buy a new camera (check), disable the toolbar… Can’t be arsed doing that one as the good outweighs the bad!

Okay, rant over, Happy Valentine’s Day Bloggerooni’s!

My first online petition, unbelieveable really but I have only had the internet for about 3.5 years. What’s it about, you ask. Since 2003, What I Like About You has had Nickelodeon UK as its home in Britain. But times have changed and so has this brilliant sitcom starring Amanda Bynes and Jennie Garth. That’s why we, the fans, do not want Nickelodeon UK to show Season Four of What I Like About You if you are forced to once again edit the episodes. Therefore we propose that if Nickelodeon UK are in charge of its UK distribution or know who is in charge that you find the series a more suitable home, a network who will show Season Four and all previous Seasons uncut.