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Sci Fi Channel UK have secured the rights to all five season of Joss Whedon’s hit spin-off Angel:

A deal with Twentieth Century Fox means Angel, starring David Boreanaz as a remorseful vampire-turned-vampire-killer, will air in the Spring. Jon Farrar, Director of Programming at Sci Fi UK said “We have high hopes for the likes of Angel and Firefly – shows that have a devoted and passionate following here in the UK.”

That’s good I guess, since five backed out of showing Season 5… Not that Sci Fi is available on Freeview, but it’s better than Sky showing it all cut up at 11 in the morning. also I uploaded a video of the time when a swarm of 40,000 bee’s paid our street a visit, just got to My Films and click the link that displays the full list of uploaded videos.


So I finally saw the “hand doctor” today. That previous sentence would be no good read out loud ‘cos I can’t do quotation fingers =( Basically there’s nothing they can do this far in to help mobilitate my fingers. Just moisturise, moisturise, moisturise and then hopefully some concentrated physiotherapy should at least keep them going from bad to worse. I spent about 3 hours at the hospital today, I also think I had another appointment which I forgot about but I was so busy I couldn’t have made it anyway. Whilst I was there I dropped off the sneak-peek trailer for “Lift My Spirits” (that’s the new name for Night Shift) which will have its premiere next Thursday (the trailer, not the whole film). Then the next week I’m off down to London to see GoldFrapp at the Royal Albert Hall! Of course I’m very excited and very blessed to be chosen to go (it’s a free trip you see) and you can expect lots of pictures and hopefully video clips if I can figure out the whole You Tube blogging thing. Stay well!

PS: 7 years ago today I went into St. James to start my chemeo for my bone-marrow transplant, whoa!

Well, it was bound to happen. My new computer got it’s first infection tonight (this morning, whatever). Luckily though I am a certified genius and didn’t stop until the little bastard was destroyed! Sorry, I’m a bit hopped up on Family Guy. It snowed like five inches today and we had icicles (it’s been ages since I’ve seen an icicle) and it’s freakin’ March! Harvey’s been watching Crufts 2006 and I got some cute video clips of him watching the TV, I’m going to upload them. Yeah I know I’m supposed to be editing a film but filming has been halted! So I rented the original The Hills Have Eyes, I’m hopefully going to see the remake too and do a little comparison review over at We Belong Dead as I’m not entirely found of remakes. Although I did like The Grudge and House of Wax… And The Ring. Okay come to think of it I don’t have any quarrels with Horror movie remakes, although I’m dubious as to how the Black Christmas remake is going to turn out, even with Michelle “Get out, get out, get ouuuuuut” Trachtenberg as the lead. Oh yeah, I’m going to see Goldfrapp in London at the end of March. Erm, how randomly cool is it that it’s free? Just so you know I’m not one of those whores that’s only going because it’s free, I would gladly… Cat if you’re reading this I need you to leave… Is she gone? Alright, as I was saying I’d gladly pay to see Goldfrapp but it’s just generous that it’s free and I might get to meet them which would basically consist of me grinning moronically like a Cheshire cat whilst Alison looks on in total confusion!

Maybe I should hold off closing Totally Angel so soon…

According to Ain’t It Cool News, The WB agreed to the Angel spin-off earlier this year, but Joss Whedon has been too busy to take control of the project himself. However, Tim Minear had this to say: “I had lunch with Joss and he asked me if i wanted to write and direct some blonde vampire movie thing. Should I do it? I of course said yes right off. Still, anything under 13 hours scares me. And anything over 13 hours… um. I got nothin’.”

Adding fuel to the rumour, Amy Acker has also announced that she has been approached to reprise her role of Illyria.

And also it appears that Sky One will be moving Angel from it’s graveyard slot to a more lunch-friendly time starting next week. Yes it will mean some censorship but at least they’re showing it!