Monthly Archives: April 2006

Today is quite special because it’s been one year since I’ve been admitted for an overnight stay in Hospital – Time for some obligatory dancing!

Whoop, there it is! Whoop, there it is!

Okay, I did have a transfusion on Friday just because, as I said, it’s Easter and there’s more germs going round and now we have to put up with Bird Flew *cough* I mean Flu! I put up some video goodness in the Gallery if you didn’t know, I hope to post more videos soon. One of me when I was FOUR! Can’t you just anticipate the cuteness?


Ohmigod! That trip to London last Tuesday, I walked from Victoria Station to Albert Hall with my bag on my back, took an hour. I had a transfusion the Friday before that and guess what my hemoglobin was when I had a blood check yesterday… 10.3! What’s all that about? I’d expect it around at least 8.8 at the highest. I thought I was actually feeling ill but come to think about it I have managed to fight of three suspected infections all without antibiotics. Cool, although I’m still gonna have a top-up I think, it being easter and kids out of school with their mucky, mucky germs. Ha, I’m such a freak.

Those updates I mentioned, you can check them out in the Gallery now. I’ll be adding more photos from my trip soon but I don’t have many of them (‘cos I used up all my space on videos of the performace, and boy what a performance) so I’m hoping to get more from Cat, also of some from the Awards night (me on stage).