So, it seems there is a pattern emerging, a blog every Tuesday and Thursday. I have a routine! This one, unlike those idiots over at Hallmark who moved Gilmore girls over to 12pm, will not be changed (he says). I am off to the 02 Wireless Festival on Saturday. I’ve never been to a “festival” before, how middle-aged of me! Speaking of my age, I keep watching Big Brother semi-occasionally and am being more and more disgusted by the housemates everyday. The reason it gets to me so much is that many of the people that disgust me are part of my generation. I mean FFS I am the same age as Grace. Eurgh, I cannot tell you how much that makes my skin crawl. Thank god I’ve always been diplomatic otherwise I would have never gotten on with people my age, I still don’t sometimes, but I learnt a lot of social skills in Sixth Form. Anyone reading this – god, who does? Simon, that’s about it probably! Anyone who has just completed their GCSE’s I would advise to stay on for Year 12 and 13 as Sixth Form is great. Okay, it may not be for everyone but you can always leave after the first year, no one’ll start up if you do! So, it was raining yesterday. The first day of Summer and it was raining! I don’t think that’s happened in a long while, I hope this means our Summer will be mild, as I really can’t stand the heat and the sun (well you already know that) but I am prepared as I bought my Air Cooler on Monday. That’d be typical, spend £40 on an air cooler and we have an Icelandic Summer!

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