Big Brother house, Funny has been evicted.

Never mind though, there’s still Doc, Sleepy, Happy, Belchy, Grumpy, Dopey and the rest left to entertain us… Can you say “yawn”? Seriously, what the hell were the public thinking of evicting Nikki? The life and soul of this years Big Brother. What angers me the most is that in order to enjoy what’s left of the show (the show being comprised of mainly Glyn, Pete, Susie and Richard) I have to put up with “the clones”. The most infuriating of which being Spiral. As the great evictee would say “Who is he? Where did you find him?” Was he found running around in a circle yapping and pretending to be a 45, somewhere down the back alley of a pub in Galway? The size of this one man’s ego is unbelievable. Good on “Windowleyne” for turning down his rampant advances. One week in and he’s humping her leg like a dog. This man’s so obsessed with how the outside world are going to think of him; and from the way he acts I should hope he’s dreading coming out because it won’t be a pretty sight that night I tell thee! How on earth he got the impression that coming on Big Brother was going to be a good career move is beyond me. And he had enough time to watch the show from the beginning! But in the end I guess I have only myself to blame for not become part of the corporate train and placing a vote myself. No, on second thoughts I’ll just blame Jayne and her big mouth!

You Tube TV

Well, it finally happened. Someone’s taken this viral video craze and turned it into a channel. I knew it was only a matter of time before it happened. What with the already redundant plethora of channels on Sky it was only natural someone would see this craze and see it as easy money. The culprit in question is Sumo.TV, which I had been keeping my eye on after they started broadcasting a show called Shortcutters which aimed to put the low budget independent films people made in their own homes (no, not those kind) on TV for the world to see. Now it turns out the whole channel will be dedicated to showing nothing but short video clips that have been submitted and processed on their website. Screening some which are already infamous and others which aren’t. A nice idea, if a little late. This bandwagon’s been chugging since January of this year, though admittedly it’s only coming into blossom as of now. And as is typical with the fickle world of fads and gadgetry, could it perhaps be too late?


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