Monthly Archives: August 2006

I think I just saw a bat. Either that or it was a very large moth! I want to try my hand at this video blogging soon. Kat Dennings makes it seem so appeal-able but then again she doesn’t really have anything to worry about since she looks good 24-hours a day! I can barely look good for 24 minutes in a day. Anyway, I didn’t come on here at 5:08am to moan, I came here to tell you about my semi-exciting week, so far! On Monday I… Well I did nothing but on Tuesday I finally went on this editing trip with Ben (movie Ben, the ghost). So we met this girl called Kirsty and we watched her edit this concert footage and we talked about loads of things. When we got to talking about tastes in music I side-stepped my most apparent love (that’s t.A.T.u if you didn’t know) and said that I didn’t know much local music but was trying to broaden my horizons by listening to new bands through My Space music. We mentioned Johnny’s band, Bam Bam Francs, and it turned out Kirsty knew one of the members. Then it turned out she was in a band herself on myspace. It was only When We Were Six, a band I had added to my “friends” when I was performing said search on local music months ago. How odd that it turned out I “knew” this complete stranger. Well, after that I felt great, stayed for an extra hour after Ben left and then when I got picked up I had a blood count (11.2 – good but platelets weren’t so impressive) and then we went into Harrogate as mum had rearranged her work days so she could pick me up from editing trip. Whilst there I bought a new issue of the Nintendo Magazine which, pardon my French, has gone down the shitter since they ditched the old writers and re-branded themselves (although their website is a lot nicer). I’ve already become infuriated about two articles now so I don’t think I’ll be buying another copy of that anytime soon. But it’s alright as I found out what I wanted to know about Nintendo’s next console the “Wii” and Super Mario Galaxy. Tsk, looks like I’ll be buying that next year. Curse my addiction to the little red-hatted plumber. So after my magazine buying we went to a few other shops and then we had dinner at Pizza Express and I ate a whole Pepperoni Pizza. Now, you may not raise an eyebrow to this piece of information but let me tell you back in the day I could have never eaten a whole pizza. And believe me, I did try. When I was around… Well, I was at a young age and I had the same Pepperoni Pizza from Pizza Express and I could only manage three slices before wanting to throw up. My how times have changed, for the better. I hate wasting food now. So after that we came home and like the manly man I am I fell to sleep in front of the TV… It was on stand-by though, I’m not that careless!


Warning! This post may contain spoilers for next week’s episode of Lost.

23:22: Ohmigod! They better not kill Locke off. And they better not end the show just as the countdown timer gets to 00:00 (‘Cos you just know it’s gonna). Will post more later.
Later: Wow, that was the best way to top off my day! Debbie came over to see me today for the first time since before Christmas. We just basically had a cuppa and talked for three hours. And, that’s just exactly what I’d hoped for. Talking – eww, I’m about to do the BT quote Simon, stop me – It’s good to talk! Afterwards (well not immediately after as I watched Everwood first) I had a nap as all that talking really made me sleepy. Then I had my blood count, transfusion on Thursday and then Katie’s birthday party – Happy Birthday Katie! I also may be doing something job wise tomorrow but it’s in limbo at the moment so I still think it’ll probably be next week before I bring you any news back. On a side not I uploaded three new video clips and some new photos.

It’s coming! Come back soon for more news. There’ also a new mash up in My Music from Nelly Furtado and The Killers which I made today:

I’m a bit pissed off right now. It’s August 1st, my mum’s Birthday (happy Birthday, mwah – though she won’t read this as she’s not quite web literate) and it’s been raining wonderfully for the past two hours. Great! You know me, love any alternative to a sunny day, and it means I can get some of the jobs I need doing done. But now, just as I’m ready to go out… It has stopped raining. This isn’t just bad timing, this happens all the time. Whenever I’ve had a spell of not going out and then I get the opportunity to go out it always waits until right before I’m ready to leave to brighten up. So, now I’m at the computer downstairs printing some random bits off that will hopefully help me if it decides to clear up. I need to post the “Lift My Spirits” film to the guy in charge of the Jimmy Teens TV website so it can be uploaded, something which technically should have been done last week but I had FOUR days of treatment last week, so forgive for being a bit behind.
To be honest, I haven’t quite fully woken up yet as I woke up at 11:15am after having 6 hours sleep (yeah, work that out). I couldn’t get online yesterday as we’re having a problem with our network being knocked off by another network over the road. God damn neighbours, who ever said neighbours should be good friends was high. Ha, I’m kidding, they’re great. But the network is unsecured so I think that’s what’s causing it to hog the valuable wireless frequency. I mean, anyone could drive up here to my street and get free internet access – not that I’m condoning that sort of thing! So when I got online last night it was 3am and I was in the middle of reading a short story I had written about 2 years ago for Film Studies – When I say short, it was pretty big actually and a bit good, though I had to change some parts and then I got the urge to start up writing it as I’ve left it unfinished. In fact, it’s unfinished at the exact same part I left it unfinished at when I originally wrote it when I was 13-years-old. So, if you’re counting, this is the third time I’ll have tried to rewrite this bloody story. Maybe my stalled attempts should tell me something, or maybe now I know enough, being at the ripe old age of twenty, to fully grasp the important issues of literature writing. I hope so. I’d love to write something that was published. I know this is being published but only to my website. Having something I wrote or a representation of something I wrote (like my films) on someone’s shelf makes me feel special inside, like, fulfilled. Although this story’s a bit.. How can I put it politely? Dark. It’s about an 19-year-old boy that ends up fathering a demon-hell child which attempts to bring about the end of the world, although he isn’t sure if it’s really happening or he is just having a psychotic episode basically! When I put it like I can almost hear you yelling “Stop!” – Perhaps I shall. I know sometimes at moments I sit back and think I’m taking on too much, but if I don’t fill my life with things to do it begins to get very monotonous and repetitive and monotonous and repetitive and so even though I leave things unfinished or fail to finish them within an accepted deadline (ooh, I never told you about the time I handed in my Media coursework 4 months late – it’s all good, I got a B), at the time they’re so fulfilling that I don’t care whether or not I finish them.
And hey, in the space of writing this it seems to be getting cloudy again. i may be going out after all!