Have I ever told you how much I hate Guy Fawkes Night? Not only are we still celebrating the murder of a terrorist that didn’t even carry out what he intended to do, but it’s also unfair on the environment and its inhabitant’s, especially pets. My dog is sat as close as he can be to me right now, petrified at the booms and bangs going off every two minutes, and it’s only October 28!

I really don’t understand why we are still celebrating this barbaric holiday, especially in this day and age, and why it’s ritualised in such a ridiculous manner. I mean, come on, fireworks… ooh, pretty lights in the sky… what are you, three-years-old?

Now Hallowe’en, there’s a holiday with some actual history in it’s meaning. But no one in Britain seems to give a Free-Untaken-Corner-Kick about it. They’re much happier stereotyping it as a candy induced spree of mayhem, mostly celebrated by our wacky American cousins, when in fact its origins lie in the festival of Samhain which was celebrated by the Celts in Britain and Ireland over 200 years ago.

So now you know!


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