Monthly Archives: February 2007

Kelly - MegamixFirst of all, the wireless modem on my PC is broken – which is annoying, but luckily I have my laptop and so far have not run into any problems. I am trying to get it fixed though because anyone who reads The Caliente Affairs in My Fiction knows that it is uploaded through The Sims 2, which is on my PC. If worst comes to worst, I’ll just have to start uploading it to my own webspace. The only thing I can think of that might be causing it not to work is… Napster! Geez, what is it with me and that company. Luckily, before my net connection went down, I finally downloaded the awesome Comedy/Pop album by Kelly. I listened to it for non-stop the next couple of days and thought I’d try to make a megamix of the album, along with a video. Well, I worked on it for 3 days and uploaded it exclusively to YouTube and after one day it’s managed to become the “#51 – Most Viewed (Comedy)” as well as getting another 3 honours from YouTube. I’m so excited and I hope that soon the mp3 will be available to download. I went to an awesome quiz night at my friend Sarah’s house. I got TWO questions right, one about Mary Poppins and one about Charlie Chaplin. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to win but I didn’t mind. We also played Pass The Parcel because there were two people who were from America and had never played Pass The Parcel before. I’ve always loved pass the parcel, I hope they take it back to America who will end up stealing it and saying they invented it first!