It’s been over a week now since I discovered I couldn’t log into Orange to update my websites and I currently feel like I’ve lost several very-important limbs. I feel so empty without my websites to update, and I can tell you if I had them back right this second I would be up all night updating them because I’m so behind.

The day after I lost contact, so to say, I got a very confidential e-mail from the distribution company behind Amanda Bynes’ new-old film Lovewrecked, telling me that it’s being released in May and would I like to help promote it. Of course I f***ing well would – but I can’t! Well, I can, through my blog, and through MySpace (mwhahaha, so that’s what bulletins are for). Then the trailer for Hairspray was released, Amanda appeared on E! News almost two consecutive days in a row and then some wonderful goon at delivered my season one boxset of What I Like About You a full two weeks in advance. Basically, it was like Birthday and Christmas came all in the same week, but I couldn’t play with any of my presents!

So it’s made me realise that, despite Orange saying that the problem may eventually sort itself out – they can’t do anything, the database is being updated and some IP addresses have not been added to the system, and they may or may not ever be added, I just have to sit tight and wait to see what happens – Yeah-f***ing-right! I need to buy some serious webspace for Amanda Bynes UK. How serious? I’m thinking 700MB at the least – not cheap, but then again I’m not exactly spending my money on anything else these days and I consider a website on Amanda Bynes a good investment; I just wish this hadn’t’ve happened the one year everything in her career (UK-wise, anyway) seems to happen at once, but whatcha gonna do?! As for this here humble website, Tomsbrain, I’m comfortable leaving things how they are for the time being. I can still update my blog and video blogs and I do have some webspace on a server that I borrowed from a friend (must remember to thank him majorly, if I didn’t have that right now I’d be screwed).

Seriously though, if I get one more piece of good news I don’t know how I’m going to take it – is it possible to be happy and sad at the exact same moment in time? Let’s think of a positive to come from all of this – I may have rediscovered my passion writing which I’ve neglected for about 3 months now… and something else, that’s very positive, but not really related to all of this happening.


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