Monthly Archives: August 2008

What Would Jesus Do?

I get to post about my first Interesting Person (note the blogroll)! This is the brand new Kelly video, except it’s not Kelly, it’s Kelly’s Mom! I’ve been doing a mash up of this song and now I can put it to a video when it’s finished, so to familiarise yourself with the original, watch! I’ve also been dying for me and Zoë to make a remake/parody of the video – we just don’t have a blonde wig… or any wigs… seeing as how I’d be playing the Mom… with a beard!!!

Am I Drunk?

When was it considered acceptable to have informative text on a slant…? Is it supposed to be fashionable or something? I cannot sit through Gossip Girl (and possibly 90210) next year with THAT in the corner!

Updates 19/8

Just a note that I’ve update My Music and added two new pages containing the videos to two of my old mash ups. They were posted on Multiply and I had to use Vodpod to post them on WordPress so it took me a while to figure it out, but it was pretty easy once I did. I’ve also added an RSS link to all my Picasa Web Albums, rather than the one link to “My Photos” that used to be on the side. And I’ve included a link to my Stickam profile – even though I haven’t used it much, but I want to eventually.

Kisses, Call me ‘kay?!

I swear my Sims were attacking me in my dream last night; they were like, “Why haven’t you written about us in over 18 months?!” I swear I will as soon as I install Apartment Life – stop torturing my conscience!

Could be the fact I watched one of the creepiest Horror films I’ve seen in ages last night. “Chukushin Ari” aka “One Missed Call.” I’ve had it on my shelf for what must be 6 months, but you know how hard it is to find the right time and mood to watch a subtitled film. But I’m definitely going to make time and watch it again; you basically have to to fully make sense of all the characters – they look so alike, in their school uniforms with long black hair, it could at least try to make it easier… I know, they should have little Plumbob’s over their head when they speak! And, in regards to the remake: I’m a lot less psyched up about seeing it, but we’ll see – I’ll at least rent it.