No Truths to Confirm

I’m currently listening to Russian radio, in preparation to hear the premiere of t.A.T.u.’s first major English song in three years, You & I (the song that should signal their comeback to the mainstream charts and wake up the public to the fact they still exist, but given they have no international label it may take some time). It’s going to be one of the few English-only language songs included on the album Veselye Ulybki (Happy Smiles), also their first completely new album in three years. I’ve literally been tracking it’s creation every step of the way, loving all the little snippets and singles I’ve heard so far. I have to say I’m far more excited about the Russian language songs than their English counterparts, mainly because their better lyric-writing group (the ones responsible for their major hits) are only involved with a few of them (You & I). The translated songs written by the other writers (only one of which I know at the moment, White Robe) don’t seem to hold as much meaning. If I’ve got you interested click here to listen to the song. It’s set to be played at 5pm GMT (a direct link to the song has now been added).

So why the cryptic blog title? Well, I haven’t confirmed my truths lately. Here’s what’s been happening: I discovered on Wednesday after my transfusion my Hickman Line (see my History) has got a puncture in it and unless it can be repaired I’m going to have to have a new put in. We’re waiting for news on whether it can be repaired until Monday and if not then I’ll be in hospital Thursday and Friday. It got me a bit upset but I’m okay with it now, it spurred me on to do some work and I got my first new episode of The Caliente Affairs in almost two years online the same day I found out! I’ll keep you updated from now on (if I can get my iPhone to work at the hospital, it hasn’t lately).

UPDATE: GOOD NEWS! I have just got the phonecall to say a repair kit has been found so hopefully everything is set for Monday and I won’t have to have an operation!


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