Button, button, who’s got the button? Click it, and you get to read this hideously long and boring rant about my hospital treatment.

I’ve had my Hickman line repaired. It currently resembles an eaten ice-lolly, wrapped up in tissue and tape – not fun basically. It didn’t go one hundred percent and I’m not optimistic at the chances of it working tomorrow, but this is impairing my vision as to what might happen if it does work. Basically my mum goes away for 10 days on Saturday and I don’t want anything to happen whilst she’s away (my sister will be moving in, then a few nights at my dads), such as the repair-age failing/breaking. Or if I had an operation to get a new line fitted, it would be two days before she left, so even though I’d be home before she left I can definitely say I’d be stiff from having a giant rod stuck in my chest (my left side – my lovely, untouched, three-haired left side)! And I know she wouldn’t enjoy her holiday cos she’s just programmed to worry about me (no matter how hard I tell her to stop, for her own good)! So my thoughts are that even if it works, I’m having an operation to replace it, but not before she goes away. I want to have it pulled out just so nothing can go wrong with it. I’ve told her this and she said that would make her feel better. But it’s just that I feel a bit silly going through the motions of getting it repaired only to have it taken out. But I can make it worth its while if the repair works; I’ll have an earlier blood transfusion, that way I shouldn’t even have to go into hospital whilst my mum is away… shouldn’t have to… this shouldn’t have to be happening, but it is.

As if this wasn’t enough, I was told my Thyroid gland is underperforming and so I’ve been prescribed Thyroxine, it’s not known why and it shouldn’t be linked to my iron overload, but who really knows in my body!

Let’s end on an upbeat note: 7 years ago today my mum and step-dad got married and it’s one of my most cherished childhood memories, so happy anniversary!


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