Like! Fish, Like!

Oh, I don’t know! As I hope you can tell I’ve not been very well for some time and I’m finding it hard to be positive so I generally don’t like to post negative blogs, cursing the world for my pain! So I thought I’d just do a nice easy, breezy, beautiful update to let anyone in cyberworld out there who cares know how I am! I am getting pretty bored of my routine hospital visits, but putting up with them. I had cleared my hands of infections but one has emerged today – I’m back on antibiotics. I took myself off that Thyroid tablet after two weeks because, though it may not be related, when I started taking it, I couldn’t sleep on a night. No problem sleeping during the day, only that effs up my schedule – which I actually do have! Band practice is going swimmingly and I’ve written two new songs, though one is selfishly personal so you probably won’t hear it anytime soon. I’ve been appointed Editor of our first music video… which contains very little footage of the band (the, um, Band without Name!), and it’s to a cover version, but we rock it! And I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: What a ride! A bit easy on the end but no less magical. Overall I’d say it was either my 3rd or 4th favourite of the 7. I haven’t managed to get any more writing into this hectic schedule, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped again, I’m just preoccuied. I’ll wrap it up there for now, sorry there’s been no vLogs, I think I’m over being in front of the camera. But my editing bug has been rekindled, so expect other videos soon. I hope life’s been treating you kind, readers!


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