Today is an important day in history

Today is an important day in history…

For me! I’m about to venture out into the big, wide, unknown world and attend my very first Film Festival! The 22nd Leeds International Film Festival launched yesterday, and basically since I started Film Studies when I was 16 I’ve wanted to go, as they show some really unique films that you just can’t see anywhere else. I’ve basically been missing out on so much for the past 6 years, but this year, with my coveted bus pass, I can finally go! I no longer have to rely on anyone else, and, let’s face it, no-one else in my family would really be interested in sitting through a two hour documentary movie about Australian Exploitation Films! So in a few hours I’m off to see 57,000km Between Us, a French film about a girl who spends most of her time chatting to her online friends in order to escape her crazy family! It sounds like my perfect film, Jenny even said so! I’ll share with you the rest of my schedule once I come back from this one, I haven’t booked all my tickets in one go as much as I wanted to, I need to make sure I can actually go through with it hitchless! Trust me, I’ve looked at every angle and thought what could go wrong and I’m pretty safe in all aspects now. Thank you to everyone who’s put up with my crazy, I promise you it will not last much longer and I’ll hopefully glide through the next two weeks!

In TV news! We’re getting HD Sky+ either next week or the week after, which will be quite exciting. I honestly aren’t that fascinated by HD, but more by the ability to pause and rewind TV! I’ve had a similar PVR on my PC for the past 4 years but that’s already crashed once and I’ve now filled up the hard drive so this couldn’t have come at a better time. I loved Dead Set, it had an awesome ending but I won’t spoil anything for you, just get the DVD! I’m hoping they repeat it on 4HD – it would look awesome! I’ve also been watching The Family since it started and I really enjoy it – I’ve no idea, it’s kind of how Big Brother was in its very first series, so untouched an unaware of being on TV! I fear for the next series, but at the same time I’d love to put forward my family, cos next year’s going to be immense for us (ooh, intrigued, I’ll tell you more soon) and everyone I’ve asked has said we should, but my mum doesn’t like it. However I’m sure if she and her family were on it she would! But yeah, I was actually really worried watching last nights episode cos their cat went missing for three days, and you’ve seen him in all the previous episodes and the opening titles, and I had this knot during it and prayed for a happy TV ending but realised it wasn’t TV, it was real life! But luckily he did come back… and now I’m wondering if the production team just abducted him to fuel the plot!!!

Anyway, must dash, speak to you later! Congratulations Obama and his supporters, what an age we’re about to enter!

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