Parting Shot

I tried to write my last review on my iPhone App, but it crashed! Hopefully this one won’t be as long – because I didn’t like it? No, I did, but not as much as 57,000km… and for different reasons.

I mean, overall the movie didn’t look pretty, the soundtrack wasn’t particularly captivating. But I just liked the story, even if it was only 80 minutes long. Basic outline: moody cow (oh she was!) is sick of her life and arranges to commit suicide, but at the last minute she sees two kids fighting and shoots one of them. She doesn’t kill him, but the kicker is she works at this towns hospital and has to look after him as he recovers. I won’t spoil the rest, but needless to say I pretty much enjoyed the outcome. 3 out of 5.

Next up, one I’ve been looking forward too: Black Ice…

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