The Class and Momma’s Man

I loved The Class! It was very brutal, maybe more so than the last film I just watched. So why’d I give that one 2 and this one 4 stars? I think cos we were told this story through the perspectives of the victims rather than the bullies. It was likened to Gus Van Sant’s Elephant in the guide, but I think it was very different. We got to see about 7 days leading up to the dramatic, albeit expected climax. The format in which it was told was almost documentary-like, and I think it was based on real accounts of school violence. The soundtrack was unique and fitted great, I think. The plot was something I could partly relate to, having been the victim of school bullying myself (not to the extent of Joosep though, thank God!). The portrayal of all the students was handled well, though I thought the naivety of some of the teachers was a bit unrealistic, but it could be that they felt forced to do nothing, I mean, I certainly can think back to some teachers like that.

After that I watched Momma’s Man. My first fully English Language film of the festival! I’m kind of glad it was, because in a foreign language I don’t think this film would have worked. It barely works (or moves, or does anything) in English as it is. But I get the type of indie film it’s trying to be. That could be my problem with it though, it was trying to hard. It left things unexplained to the point of annoyance sometimes. It must be hard to be an indie movie in America, I feel I understand enough about “the biz” to give it some slack and just appreciate it for what it was, and not felt let down it didn’t deliver that little something extra that most indie films strive for (which, I guess, by not having one, sort of gives it a unique one)!

Next? Not Quite Hollywood. (Review coming tomorrow)


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