Googlebator 3000: Maximum Results Guaranteed!

You know how it is: it’s late at night… you’re feeling somewhat amorous… your hands begin to wander… and before you know it… you’re googling your own name! Yes, now you know my dirty secret – don’t act like you’ve never done it! Sometimes I just like to see if I was mentioned anywhere without my knowledge. As you know I like to make mash ups and unleash them upon the unsuspecting world, mostly to mediocre success, but sometimes I find them mentioned in the weirdest of places (NME magazine’s website, played on a Belgium, and a French radio station to name a few places).

Well, during tonight’s googlebatory session I discovered my newest mash up (t.A.T.u vs. Bronski Beats) was included in a weekly podcast, recorded last December, called Ramdom Thoughts. I’m not sure how popular it is, but the Facebook page has 91 fans so I take that as a big compliment, to not only be included amongst the likes of some amazing talent like Divide & Kreate, Norwegian Recycling and Hi-Brid (who is ultimately responsible for my Bronski Beat mash up, given that I’d never really heard the song before his mash up of it with Klaxons), but paid the compliment, “How can you make that song better – tomsbrain certainly did!”

I’m sorry, I’m done gushing, but I just want to put it out their and say I am grateful. All this Internet stuff, you never really get an accurate measurement of how well received your work is, so it’s nice to actually hear some feedback! In terms of my next Mash Up, unless anything jumps out it at me (I’m really into Shiny Toy Guns and Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head at the moment), It’ll be back to my ol’ faithful t.A.T.u gals and an attempt at mashing their biggest hit, All The Things She Said… so not a job I’m taking lightly! Speaking of never knowing where my name ends up, if anyone with contacts at the BBC is reading this, can you please book t.A.T.u to appear/perform in this misguided attempt at getting us out of the bottom places in Eurovision thing on a Saturday nights with Graham Norton and Andrew Lloyd-Webber. I know they’re in LA at the moment, but you’ve got 5 weeks to make it happen.


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The central hub of all things Thomas McNab - a 33-year-old Yorkshire-born writer and filmmaker, living with a disability, and medicating himself with obscene amounts of films, television, and amateur wordplay. Find out more at

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  1. Hi

    Many thanks for mentioning my mashup & remix podcast on your site – much appreciated. If you ever want to send me an exclusive, then please do via:


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