I’m currently eating the most delicious Chocolate Praline doughnut I’ve ever had – and I’ve never had one before! I’m also having a… yes, yes, a cappuccino! Those of you paying attention to my RSS feeds on the side (check me out, saying that like I actually know what it means) will have seen I’ve uploaded a new video blog… so why isn’t here? Well, it’s a decision I’ve made. Seeing how YouTube is kind of its own community I’m going to keep my video blogs separate from this blog, but you can still find the links down the side – so keep your eyes peeled!

My bootleg seemed to drum up a lot of interest, a lot of praise, and it got me my highest ever hit count in one day! But I’m over that one now, I’m gonna start working on my next lot… unless, like I always say and like always happens, something jumps out at me and begs to be mashed.

90210 started last night – on E4, as I requested (thanks guys)! Now I’ve already seen episode one, but two episodes were on last night so I got a bigger picture of it. I still like it, but not even the appearance of Shannen “Brenda” Doherty could make up for a poor second episode. Everything from the title just begged to be The O.C. and I don’t want that, I want it to come into its own… which I know is completely stupid since it’s a remake of the original Beverly Hills! But I know what I mean, and I will stick with it… even though Shenae “Annie” Grimes is a terrible lead girl. In contrast, Skins new series has an amazing lead in the form of Kaya Scodelario (nice name) – but it’s leaving me a little empty, it’s gotten very surreal. But again, I’ll stick with it, could turn into a favourite. Speaking of favourites, my new best obsession The Big Bang Theory is on tonight at 11pm on Channel 4 (and in HD), so if you like me you’ll watch it and become a fan!

Now go away, leave me with my yummyummy doughnut.


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The central hub of all things Thomas McNab - a 33-year-old Yorkshire-born writer and filmmaker, living with a disability, and medicating himself with obscene amounts of films, television, and amateur wordplay. Find out more at http://tomsbrain.2ya.com.

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