Monthly Archives: January 2009

I Don’t Get “It”!

I’ve just had the worst 14 hours of my life.


Because I lost the Internet.

How stupid is that? How pathetic is that? How disgusting is that? Well I tell you, it is all of that and so much more.

But … I’m here … God only knows how but I am … for now. I keep expecting something to come along … I don’t know.

Either way this whole charade began when I tried to get my Wii back online – I’ve yet to go find out if that problem has resolved since I had to restart my router and wipe all its settings (settings that were put in place almost 6 years ago). Hence, my statement. I don’t get It! Do you?

In the wake of all this Twilight Hoopla…

I cannot help but read this and think…

In 2002, the Warner Bros Television production company took out a 12-month option with the idea of making a television series based on the Guardians of Time Trilogy. A producer, director and a script for the first episode were commissioned. Unfortunately, when the 12 months option was due for renewal, the WB decided not to continue with the making of the series.


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