The Return of the LFF!

Rather unexpectedly last week I received an email notifying me that the 10th Young Persons Film Festival in Leeds was on – and thank God I did, because one of the films on display was a movie I’ve been aching to see since I read about it last November.

Låt den rätte komma in AKA Let the Right One In is definitely a lot more well known than some of the films I saw at last years International Film Festival – in fact its been given a mainstream cinema release in UK Cinemas from today! I’ve not heard a lot of bad things about it; some people say it’s too slow, but I thought it was paced perfectly in order for you to feel for the characters. Without that the connections would have lacked meaning and sentiment. Check out the plot and trailer after the jump, but it may contain spoilers!

The film follows three points of view: the first is that of 12-year-old Oskar, the constant target of vicious bullies, unable to stand-up to them even though the moment he’s alone revenge is all he can think about – until he meets Eli, the new girl who’s moved in next door. She approaches Oskar, knowing his desires to fight back from listening to him through the walls, and slowly gives him confidence. He finally fights back and whips the ringleader of his bullies with a tree branch.

Eli’s secret blood-thirst stems from just that – she’s a vampire, taken care of by an unidentified old man (who’s the films second protagonist). He’s almost a reluctant murderer, draining the blood of his victims simply in order to feed Eli and keep her alive. The moment comes when he can provide for Eli no longer, leaving her eventually starving. When she meets up with Oskar one night after being alone for awhile, his growing affection for her leads him to propose a blood-bond to cement their friendship. But when Oskar cuts his hand he unknowingly exposes Eli’s darker side, and after lapping up his spilt blood from the floor she flees into the apartment’s courtyard to feed on a local resident (from which comes the films third point of view).

Oskar guesses she’s a vampire, but goes against her wishes to stay away. Oskar sneaks into Eli’s apartment during the day whilst she’s asleep, but has to hide when another intruder unexpectedly enters – the husband of the woman Eli feed from. She had shown signs of turning into a vampire so succumbed to suicide by exposing herself to sunlight. Preparing to murder the little-girl vampire, the man is stopped by Oskar, and then Eli wakes up and massacres him. Over the man’s mangled and bloody corpse the two kids share a final kiss, as Eli decides it’s become too unsafe for her to stay. It’s then Oskar is confronted by his bullies, complete with the ringleaders knife-wielding older brother! Has Eli taught Oskar enough tricks to fight back or will he be left fighting for his life instead?


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