When is a New TV Show not a New TV Show?

…When it’s been on the same channel before for three years running!

Yes, that was my reaction when I found out Nickelodeon UK are promoting one of my favourite TV shows What I Like About You (starring my all-time favourite actress Amanda Bynes) as a new show they’ve picked up to screen over the Summer, in their brand new TEENick slot (think T4, if it were aimed at 8-year-olds). The show kicks off from the beginning Monday, July 20th at 6:10pm on Nick UK.

What I Like About You, starring Amanda Bynes, Jennie Garth and Leslie Grossman, starts July 20th at 6pm on Nick UK

On the one hand, I’m happy about it, because that very same channel stopped showing What I Like About You over a year ago. And for it not only to come back, but come back with a fanfare, especially given it’s a 6-year-old WB sitcom, is major! But on the other hand, I’m upset that a show aimed at the 18-24 demographic is still being shown on Nickelodeon; edited for drug references and/or sexual content – including the word “gay” (I’m not kidding you, I imported this show on DVD, and documented almost every instance where they cut something… don’t judge me, I used to run one of the most popular Amanda Bynes websites on the entire Internet). I had hoped during it’s long absence it would wind up on one of the more adult-friendly Viacom owned networks like Comedy Central or MTV… but, as I said, it’s 6-years-old, so I’m very used to this show being on Nickelodeon and am happy to see it back.

Let’s hope they keep it on long enough to reach Season 2, then you can all record it and download my amazing custom-made DVD Cover!

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