blog-a-day: 10/12/09

So, I’ve never really explained what happened to the band project I was a part of, and the reason behind that is cos I don’t actually have a happy, blog-friendly version of that story to tell! It always ends with me finding out it was over by text message, and screaming “FUCK!” on the bus! But that was at least three months ago, now, and I’ve matured, and healed, and accepted things! And tonight, I looked back on the past year, and for the first time I wasn’t sad it was over, but happy that I got to be a part of it. Today’s video is just a rough mix of all the footage I had available that Cat had filmed of band rehearsals, edited together with the only song of mine we got to record.

The song is called “You and I”, and I wrote it before I was a part of the project, but I find now that the lyrics seem appropriate for what happened to the band. There was really no other option but to give up, because we were down to two members, and I don’t think Cat couldn’t justify devoting time away from the hospital for such a small project. And neither could Gareth continue to offer his services for free. I can look back now and say I enjoyed the times we shared, and admit that by the end they weren’t what they used to be! Maybe I’ll continue with my musical talents, but I’d like to take time away from that and concentrate on my video editing and fiction writing, for now. I do admit, I get nostalgia hearing the song, and watching the video, and I’d jump at the chance to do it again. But I wouldn’t go solo, or anything like that!

So, after all that effort, I really hope you can forgive the poor vocal performance from me (technically, had the project still been active, this demo would not have been released, but now it’s the closest thing I have to a final version), and enjoy today’s (very late) video!


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