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blog-a-day: 24/12/09

Video Blog: blog-a-day – 24th Dec, 2009.


blog-a-day: 23/12/09

Video Blog: blog-a-day – 23rd Dec, 2009.

And I thought I’d share this photo I took last year, with you, because it fits in well with today’s video.

blog-a-day: 22/12/09

Video Blog: blog-a-day – 22nd Dec, 2009.

blog-a-day: 21/12/09

I’m back – and in print!

No video from me, today, but I have been awake for 31 hours, so forgive me for nodding off and not wanting to edit myself rambling on about my last ever trip to Borders! But after that depressing event, I went to the hospital, as usual, and was delighted to find the Ward’s magazine all printed out and being passed around. So, here and here are two very crappy mobile phone pictures of my contribution to “Ward 94”.

As always, I couldn’t help myself when reviewing Lady GaGa’s The Fame Monster, and went way over and the amount of words I was allowed. So, for your pleasure, here’s my full, unedited review!

The Fame Monster (Deluxe)This is a review of Lady GaGa’s entirely new creation, The Fame Monster. Firstly, the technical details: It’s presented in a double-disc edition, featuring 8 fresh songs on disc one, and her debut album, The Fame, on the second disc. Prices vary, but you should be able to pick up the standard version for no more than £10. The alternate “Digipack” version will set you back a bit more, but includes additional artwork, and a bonus track on disc two. Now, for my review…
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