Everyday Brings Some Hope…

Unlike my previous post, I’m not gonna tell you to listen to this playlist before you read all about it. You see, you have to understand, I was TEN YEARS OLD! I was a misfit, I didn’t fit in and – hello, I was allergic to the sun! So yeah, I spent most of my time indoors by myself. And I guess you can say that’s partly how this recording was born. I didn’t put as much effort into it as I should’ve. At one point in the full recording, you can hear in the background my old beloved dog Zero barking his head off! I didn’t know much about music. My favourite artists at the time were Spice Girls, Michael Jackson, No Doubt, and (old favourites) 2 Unlimited. Laugh all you want, though – all those artists have had UK #1 Records. So, my heart was in the right place. All I did was put pen to paper (or in some cases, fingers to keyboard) and let my feelings pour out. I tried hard to have a fixed melody in my head, but I wasn’t accomplished in the art of music, so I went acapella.

My Friends (3:19)
It all started here. I had dabbled in the odd amusing lyric or two before, but not until this song had I really tried hard. Verse? It’s got two! Bridge? “If I know what I want, then I know what I choose.” Chorus, complete with Key Change at the end! It was a fine way to start off my album. I decided I wanted twelve tracks. However, one of the tracks was heavily inspired by an iconic figure of the 90s… but we’ll get to that soon.

Boys (2:56)
…I don’t know what to say. Despite what you may think, this song was actually intended as a story about a fictitious female bully who picks on boys! In my head, it has a very PJ & Duncan feel to it. The Middle 8 was intended as a boys v. girls crowd noise shouting match… sort of like that part in S Club Party… in fact, they totally ripped me off – I demand royalties!

Lost (4:36)
As I was saying earlier, this song exists thanks to an iconic blue hedgehog from the nineties. But what I didn’t know back then is that I wrote lyrics for a song that already existed … albeit in Japanese, but hey, just goes to show you that I could recognise a good melody when I heard it. As I blogged back in 2007, the music in Sonic the Hedgehog was composed by Masato Nakamura, who is a bassist of the Japanese band Dreams Come True. One of their songs, Kusuriyubi no Kesshin, was the basis of the background music for Star Light Zone. Just a shame the lyrics weren’t on par with that catchy tune. And that key – yikes! Even cats are covering their ears.

When Will I Ever Find Fun? (3:21)
I remember I was very sad when I wrote this song. All the regular kids were out playing and I had to stay inside – boohoo! But seriously, this is what I was saying about pouring out my feelings. Writing the song, I created a back and forth between the main performer wanting to find fun, and someone telling him that it’s not hard to find because fun is on the inside. Pretty philosophical stuff for a ten-year-old!

Good Luck, Bad Luck (3:05)
I used to have a rather fixated obsession with Bad luck. I wrote a unfinished six-part fictional story called Bad Luck, and even believed I was the victim of a curse when I was ten-years-old! I guess the Good luck was it helped me write this song!

Baby, I Need Your Lovin’ (3:12)
And so it’s come to this, that point where I stop writing about my feelings and pad the album out with mindless drivel about love and feelings. It’s like, baby, baby, baby, ooh!

Everyday (2:59)
Back to business; this was the title track of the album. I don’t know which came first, the lyrics or the title, but either way, it’s the only song on the album that has sort of a “fixing the world” message (hence the handcrafted artwork featuring my crude drawing of our home planet). Things happen for a reason, you have to keep going. I later adapted on this theme in my second album with a song called Miracles. It may not surprise you to know around this time in my life I sang as part of an all-boy church choir… indeed, I did!

Higher Than Heaven (3:57)
Speaking of church… actually, it’s more mindless love drivel. Poor confused, ten-year-old me. I didn’t know what it was all about. I was so shy and timid, I couldn’t even bring myself to sing out-loud for fear of getting told off for being rude! “I need your loving hands to take a peek.” …what was I implying?!

You and Me (3:19)
A decade before I wrote the more lyrically stable You and I, there was You and Me. Intended to be a real klaxon-blaring, get-you-on-the-dancefloor techno-stomper… completely void of any lyrical stability! But hey… at least it rhymes!

Remix (3:16)
I think my inspiration for the sound of this song was Michael Jackson’s Ghosts meets Tina Turner’s Goldeneye. It’s about stalking through the night, going in for the kill (seriously, where are my royalties), and generally just being a pest by the sounds of it!

Fly to the Sky (2:58)
Ah, the high point of the album – literally! This was one of my first songs that I think coherently paints a picture with its lyrics…

“One sunny day, sitting out on my porch, I’m thinking what am I gonna do with my life. I’m sick and tired of listening to your old stories, they make me wanna hide away. So I sat up, and said I’m tired. So d’you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna fly to the sky, spread my wings out wide, and I’m gonna glide through the air and the clouds. I’m gonna fly so fast, I won’t hear your sad, old stories, bringing me down to the ground.”

Pretty powerful stuff even now, wouldn’t you agree?!

Tell Me Now (3:22)
Honestly, I wish this song wasn’t on here, ending the album. Fly to the Sky would have been a perfect finale, I think this just brings the overall jeuvinile tone of the album right back home. More pointless padding for me to hit my twelve track target.

So what followed, you may be wondering. Check out my other playlist for a taster. I didn’t really reach my stride ’til 1999. I’ve definitely written over one-hundred songs, but whether any of them are worthy of the public remains to be seen… or heard!


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