An Affair To Remember

It was on this day, ten years ago, I loaded The Sims 2 onto my laptop, and after a few minutes of playing, snapped my first ever snapshot. Unbeknownst to me, this snapshot was the start of one of my biggest ever writing projects: The Caliente Affairs.

Though my original series chronicling the fictitious lives of the Caliente sisters and their Pleasantview neighbours became lost on the internet (as the official Sims 2 website shutdown for *cough* maintenance), I fought to keep its memory alive. I rewrote the entire first volume (over 73,420 words) on a story sharing website called Movellas, as well as re-uploading the original snapshots on this website. This is what I wrote five years ago regarding the future:

I have experienced a lot of changes within myself these past five years – thoughts and feelings and events I had no control over. Yet throughout it all, I could turn to those lives I created on this day five years ago and take back that control I so desperately sought for my own life.

But there came a time when I could no longer ignore the amounting changes in my life, and I had to venture out into the real world. However harsh it may have looked, it was my time to come out.

As I stayed away from creating their world and focused attention on my own, the thoughts and feelings I once had no control over were now in my power, and I began to realise a world existed in reality that I never thought possible. Acceptance, understanding, and most importantly love.

That still stands to this day! I hope to complete future volumes of this story, as I have lots more to tell.

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