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Big Brother house, Funny has been evicted.

Never mind though, there’s still Doc, Sleepy, Happy, Belchy, Grumpy, Dopey and the rest left to entertain us… Can you say “yawn”? Seriously, what the hell were the public thinking of evicting Nikki? The life and soul of this years Big Brother. What angers me the most is that in order to enjoy what’s left of the show (the show being comprised of mainly Glyn, Pete, Susie and Richard) I have to put up with “the clones”. The most infuriating of which being Spiral. As the great evictee would say “Who is he? Where did you find him?” Was he found running around in a circle yapping and pretending to be a 45, somewhere down the back alley of a pub in Galway? The size of this one man’s ego is unbelievable. Good on “Windowleyne” for turning down his rampant advances. One week in and he’s humping her leg like a dog. This man’s so obsessed with how the outside world are going to think of him; and from the way he acts I should hope he’s dreading coming out because it won’t be a pretty sight that night I tell thee! How on earth he got the impression that coming on Big Brother was going to be a good career move is beyond me. And he had enough time to watch the show from the beginning! But in the end I guess I have only myself to blame for not become part of the corporate train and placing a vote myself. No, on second thoughts I’ll just blame Jayne and her big mouth!

You Tube TV

Well, it finally happened. Someone’s taken this viral video craze and turned it into a channel. I knew it was only a matter of time before it happened. What with the already redundant plethora of channels on Sky it was only natural someone would see this craze and see it as easy money. The culprit in question is Sumo.TV, which I had been keeping my eye on after they started broadcasting a show called Shortcutters which aimed to put the low budget independent films people made in their own homes (no, not those kind) on TV for the world to see. Now it turns out the whole channel will be dedicated to showing nothing but short video clips that have been submitted and processed on their website. Screening some which are already infamous and others which aren’t. A nice idea, if a little late. This bandwagon’s been chugging since January of this year, though admittedly it’s only coming into blossom as of now. And as is typical with the fickle world of fads and gadgetry, could it perhaps be too late?

I’ll tell you, those bigwigs at Endemol have hired some geniuses for this years Big Brother. Having the golden housemate pick this weeks evictees and then making the rest of them stand on a stump for as long as they can to get immunity from nomination. Ha! I’m sure not all is as it appears, whether another twist is played next week in order for the golden housemate to avoid a national TV hanging by her fellow housemates (and I use the term mate loosely) or something is sprung on Friday’s live eviction show, we’ll have to see. Anyway, back to my dull life as a twenty-year-old, and I bought two music albums today. Yes I still buy CD’s as I enjoy displaying them and having the artwork and sleeve to look at, and when it’s Nelly Furtado that is most definitely a good thing… Keane, meh, thank god they use inspirational and moody art for their covers rather than them pulling boyband-esque poses! Oh, if you’re wondering why I’m blogging at 3am it’s because I’m in bed! I got my new laptop today from the generous people at the insurance place. It’s über-fantastic, did I mention how much of a Sony VAIO whore I am? Ha, I like Sony, everything except the Playstation 3… Talk about old news. The future is Nintendo’s Wii! Ah, I’ve always been a Nintendoid at heart, after the Sega Megadrive packed in when I was about 12 it was suddenly replaced by the N64, and boy did many sleepless nights follow! Awm good times. But now I must not have a sleepless night as there is more Gilmore Girls to watch in the morning, cheerio.

I don’t do this often, but I must retract my previous comment about Pete Stephenson, the Big Brother 7 housemate that has Tourette’s. The launch night of Big Brother is a very huge event, having to walk out into a crowd of hundreds, probably millions more watching you on TV is a very brave thing to do. You have to build up an immediate persona and say “This is me, these are my qualities, please vote for me to win”. In every person this takes a lot of andrenaline and the reaction of a crowd can be very nerve-wrecking. As I’ve watched the show, live and edited these past 3 days, my views on Pete have changed. I branded him a “fake attention seeker” far too quickly, and now see him as a very brave, true and honest man. Someone who is trying to overcome their disability to live a normal life. If he does not find the strain of Big Brother too hard I will be voting for him to win in the final week. Go Pete!!!

Sorry for not posting sooner, but now I’m back at home everything’s a bit normal. It’s my birthday in a couple of days, that should be semi-interesting I guess. The Eurovision Song Contest is on Saturday this week, the semi-finals were on tonight along with the launch of Big Brother VII, but more about that later. First off, I’m glad to see Finalnd made it through, who would of thought such a kick-ass song could come from Finland? Not I! It’s a shame Greece don’t have a sense of humour as Iceland was entertaining, but aren’t they always. Please stop getting your hopes up UK. We will not win, we will be lucky to even reach the Top 10! Thank god for the remote control, once Finland performed I flicked in between this and Big Brother.

Ah Big Brother, or as I like to refer to it, The Human Microwave. You pop in a person and 3 minutes later you get something that passes for a celebrity. So who’ve we got in the house this year? BONNIE, 20, CARE WORKER: Is her accent even British? I think they deserved to be booed going in, just to show them they’re not a zelebrity yet! PETE, 24, ROCK ‘N’ ROLL SINGER: He is just an attention seeking faker… So, this years winner?! (first impressions, please read above) GEORGE, 19, STUDENT: Hello to this years Stuart, if he does not find his Michelle then he will be out of there quicker than a hobnob in a cuppa. SHABAZ, 37, UNEMPLOYED: I think he has a hard shell. Definitely the least annoying so far, and that’s saying something. LEA, 35, MODEL: I wonder how long before she breaks down crying… Apparently 6 seconds. Eww, Shabaz has gone down in my expectations. If he clings onto Lea anymore her boobs will pop out. MIKEY, 23, SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: A lads lad. I have no kind words, I’m too busy watching Iceland, now she has a personality worth writing about. DAWN, 38, EXERCISE SCIENTIST: A pessimist… Is it an act, is she a suicidal outcast? No… She’s just a wannabe in sheeps clothing. GLYN, 18, LIFEGUARD: I literally had to cover my mouth to stop from throwing up. Welsh? What region of Welsh produces that kind of accent? RICHARD, 33, WAITER: Channel 4…? I thought I accidentally stumbled onto Adult TV there for a second, and that’s not a good thing. GRACE, 20, DANCE TEACHER: Her clothes are real, unfortunately so is her personality. But with this lot it’s actually a breath of fresh air. Hello to my new least annoying housemate, whilst Shabaz is now the most annoying housemate EVER! SESER, 26, ENTREPRENEUR: Everything was going so well until he got nude. I want to gouge my eyes out. NIKKI, 24, MODEL: Attention, we have our bunny boiler. As if we didn’t need more proof she is dressed up as a bunny. You’d better watch out George! Oh and as for IMOGEN and LISA, I have no witty words for them. They appear about as normal as normal can be in the Big Brother house.

And those are our 14… About the exact age and/or IQ you need to enjoy this drivel. Ah, at least there’s always the possibility of Dawn hanging her herself or Pete spontaneously combusting. Thank god for channel surfing, no doubt I’ll form a more well-rounded opinion sooner or later.