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2010 Leeds Film Festival – Reviews [Pt. 1]

My third year at the Leeds International Film Festival has been underway since last Friday, and I have seen a record 15 films in six days. I’m seeing another 18, and am posting immediate reviews on my new tumblr blog, which syncs to my twitter. Here are the 15 tweets, containing the relevant links to my reviews.
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Leeds Film Festival 2009: West of Pluto / My Girlfriend is an Agent

After my first successful Film Festival, last year, I was a bit aprehensive about whether this year could match, or even better the quality of screenings I’d previously attended. Like last year, I kicked off my Film Festival experience with a French film, but this time, French-Canadian!

West of Pluto follows the lives of a group of teenagers who have just started a new term at high school. The story makes use of Pluto’s declassification from a planet, to a Trans-Neptunian Object; relating a once prominent feature in our solar system, that has now been downgraded to a just a number, to the lives of several teenagers, who are all struggling to find their identities within the busy social-life of high school. I thought the location of the shoot, set in the early Autumn, was beautiful, and the film was able to capture all the rich colours of Autumn superbly, and made good use of its scenic location.

Later, I saw my second film of that day, My Girlfriend is an Agent. It was a big transition, but luckily I’d come prepared to see a Korean blockbuster! The film focuses Su-Ji, the Girlfriend/Agent in question, and Jae-Jun, her soon to be ex-boyfriend. After three years apart, they meet up again accidentally (in one of the films most hilariously disgusting scenes inside a men’s bathroom), and decide to stay in-touch, but keep up the premise that they live normal lives, with normal jobs. But the truth is, both are now undercover secret agents (working for different agencies). Jae-Jun’s background in computing makes him ideal for the job, yet his lack of suave shows him up whenever he’s in combat; unlike Su-Ji, who is very skilled when it comes to fighting.

What might sound like a Korean adaptation of Mr. and Mrs. Smith (a film which I actually can’t stand), I found the film to be much more like the US TV show Chuck, in which a computer nerd is accidentally integrated with the secrets of the CIA, and then ends up falling for his assigned handler, who is a proper highly trained agent. The film is unbelievably hilarious, and very sweet at times. I really hope this is available on DVD soon, as I know it’s a film that a lot of people would enjoy, but might overlook because of the simplistic title.

Is Twitter killing off my blog?

No. I’ve actually been living my life for a while rather than noting things of interest. But it’s time to set the record “straight”! I made a sort of New Year’s Resolution at the beginning of the month, which was to overcome all past obstacles and unfinished targets! I’ve been relatively amazing at seeing it through, and some awesome things are happening in my life right now as a result of this. It’s such a relief to know that even though I’m not physically my best at the moment, a whole host of worries have been taken off my mind! I really can’t wait for this year’s Film Festival to start! I’m hoping to expand my social circle and finally find someone or maybe even some people to enjoy and share these amazing and rare films with. I’ve gotten into a reading pattern, which I appreciate. I just ordered two new books online (and one graphic novel)! Musically, the band is still non-existent, but The Wise One has mentioned it for the first time in 4 months so I’m not giving up. I’ve been writing down lots of ideas for songs that I want to share with you all. I can’t believe I’m writing this blog post at 5 o’clock in the morning, but we just bought a Tassimo machine and I’ve had two cappuccinos tonight so I’m a tiny little bit alright okay so totally buzzing right now that I can’t sleep but the sugar and caffeine is slowly being spent and soon…..I……will……..fall…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

The Return of the LFF!

Rather unexpectedly last week I received an email notifying me that the 10th Young Persons Film Festival in Leeds was on – and thank God I did, because one of the films on display was a movie I’ve been aching to see since I read about it last November.

Låt den rätte komma in AKA Let the Right One In is definitely a lot more well known than some of the films I saw at last years International Film Festival – in fact its been given a mainstream cinema release in UK Cinemas from today! I’ve not heard a lot of bad things about it; some people say it’s too slow, but I thought it was paced perfectly in order for you to feel for the characters. Without that the connections would have lacked meaning and sentiment. Check out the plot and trailer after the jump, but it may contain spoilers! Read the rest of this entry