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blog-a-day: 14/12/09

I’ve been struck down with illness – again! So, no video blog from me today, as I’m all snotty and icky, and I know most of you don’t like looking at me on my good days, so God knows what you’d make of me if I appeared on camera, today. However, in keeping with this Hundred Days pledge, I have a video to post that I spent all night working on, probably for twelve hours straight!

“Waste Management” is the English version of t.A.T.u.’s 3rd Russian language album “Vesyolye Ulybki”. However, the presentation is completely brand new, and has been described by the band as “pinkfloydish”.

“You should listen to this version of our LP non-stop at least once to feel what we tried to create.” Explains Lena Katina. “Pink Floyd was not the only band who did it this way, but we can say it was them who inspired us. Waste Management has got all songs bound together by short instrumental interludes composed by our author Evgeniy Matveitsev. This version of the LP is one continuous music trip”.

Taking this concept of continuity, dubbed “Waste Management Transcendent Version”, I composed a short megamix of all three singles from the album. In actual fact, the music was composed over a year ago, albeit in Russian. Using the 30-second previews made available online, I transposed the mix into Russian, and edited together a unique presentational video, intended to virally promote the album. The album’s history is very colourful, if you’re interested in reading. Originally planned for release in 2008, the album would serve as accompaniment for the movie “You and I”, which is based on the novel “Finding t.A.T.u.”, and stars Mischa Barton and Anton Yelchin. However, post-production of the movie delayed the release, and as such, the album was postponed for a time when there could be a full promotional drive… which apparently, is now! The album secured distribution rights in Latin America, as well as t.A.T.u.’s home country of Russia; and is available Worldwide online at iTunes store and AmazonMP3. If you like the sound of all this, then please find your relevant place of purchase from the links below.

Waste Managment:
WORLDWIDE (available 15.12.09)

Waste Managment Transcendent Version:


Moon, Snow and Gold!

I’ve finally uploaded my second t.A.T.u. vs. Klaxons EP, it’s available to download in the music section along with the previous EP. The videos have also been uploaded to YouTube. Here’s the pretty artwork!


1. Vremya Luny (Magick Mash Up)
2. Snegopady (Two Receivers Mash Up)
3. 30 Golden Skans (Russian Vocal Mix)

Track one combines the t.A.T.u. album track from Happy SmilesВремя Луны (Vremya Luny), with the Klaxons single Magick. Track two mashes together the verses from t.A.T.u.’s new single Снегопады (Snegopady) with the Myths of the Near Future track, Two Receivers. Finally, track three is a revisit to a previous mash up, 30 Golden Skans, but remastered with the Russian vocals from 30 Mинут (30 Minut).

They’re Everywhere!

Gah! It’s 5am, and I’ve been up since 9am after having 2 hours sleep… what am I doing? You know what I’m doing; I’ve told you my dirty, shameful secret many a time before… I’m essentially googling myself… except not on Google… on … the weird thing is I shouldn’t have found anything about me as me, myself, Tom McNab… BUT I DID! Here I am – yep, those are my mash ups.. but upon closer inspection… there are three mash ups there that I haven’t made available for download since *counts the fingers on one hand* well … not for a very long, long time! The weirder thing is… the person who decided to scrobble them with my name did so in the past SEVEN DAYS…. Speaking of SEVEN DAYS… I started reading Ring today by Koji Suzuki!

It’s all a sign… it all means something… I just don’t know what that is yet.

What is your Damage, Veronica?!

I’m having a little trouble trying to figure out why the hell it has taken so long for The Veronicas to crack America. Their album, one of the best albums I’ve ever heard, was released over a YEAR AGO, yet only now has their second single from Hook Me Up, Untouched, made an impact in America (so far reaching #17 on the Billboard Hot 100). I saw the twins, Jessica and Lisa Origliasso, on E! News this morning and I’m really happy for them. I’d never heard of them until their song 4Ever popped up on the soundtrack for the Amanda Bynes flick She’s The Man. It may have been before that when I found out they had been part of the team behind t.A.T.u’s 2005 comeback hit All About Us (check out their, some might say, better sounding demo via YouTube). Then, in September of 2007, my awareness of them sparked, I saw their debut video from their second album, Hook Me Up, on YouTube. Initially I was hostile! Confused at their almost t.A.T.u-esque relationship displayed in the video… despite being sisters! But then I got my hands on some tracks from the album (my other recommendations:  Take Me On The Floor (2nd Single), Popular, Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were), I Can’t Stay AwayGoodbye to You) and all was forgiven, falling instantly in love with Untouched and eagerly anticipating the video (which, ultimately, I was let down by and wish they’d re-shot now it’s getting airplay).

So now, over 14 months later, that video and single is ready to drop over here in Britian, and I thought I’d use this opportunity to remind you that I actually mashed up Untouched last year, and it’s one of my favourite mash ups, but unfortunately due to the lock-down WMG has on YouTube I can’t make a video for it. So you’ll just have to make do with the audio…

The Veronicas vs. a-ha - Untouched On Me
The Veronicas vs. a-haUntouched On Me

It sort of makes me slightly hopeful that despite not setting the world on fire initially, perhaps t.A.T.u’s Happy Smiles / You and I era will eventually see it’s time to shine.