Episode Two « All Cleared Up

Act 3 – That night, JAMIE slowly opens a door and descends down a staircase. She’s in the cellar. CUT TO a woman, rocking back and forth in a rocking chair. She’s facing away from JAMIE, who is getting ever so close to the woman. She taps on her shoulder and spins the chair around.

CALISTA: Who were you expecting, Norman Bates’ mother?!
JAMIE: It’s just; I thought you went to college.
CALISTA: I can’t go; the moment I step outside this room that homicidal robot tries to kill me. Jamie, you have to let me go. The whole reason we got Mom-Bot is so I could leave.
JAMIE: But I’ll never see you again.
CALISTA: Yeah, not after this you won’t!
JAMIE: Calista! What if, instead of going to live on campus you bought a small place nearby so I could see you more often?
CALISTA: Sure Jamie, I’ll buy that nice house made out of gingerbread on the corner of fourth and Sucker Street!
JAMIE: A house made of gingerbread!
CALISTA: I meant I don’t have enough money to afford a place of my own.
JAMIE: But Mom-Bot does.
CALISTA: That robot has money?
JAMIE: Yep, she keeps getting statements claiming the bank has made an error and then she gets a bucket full of money.
CALISTA: How odd.
JAMIE: If I could get you some, and ensure that Mom-Bot was out of the house, would you do it, would you buy an apartment?
CALISTA: I suppose, as long that freak isn’t anywhere near me when I come out.
JAMIE: Don’t worry, she’s coming with me to school tomorrow morning.
CALISTA: Jamie, I don’t think it’s such a good idea letting that thing go in public places.
JAMIE: Hush, do you want your freedom or not?
CALISTA: Alright! I’ll get out tomorrow and stay with a friend until I’ve found a place.
JAMIE: Okay, just don’t phone me with the address, Mom-Bot’s got those wired.
CALISTA: Right, so why’s she coming with you to school tomorrow.
JAMIE: The professor’s given me a program to upload that’ll make her fight this girl that’s bullying me.
CALISTA: Jamie, you know better than to use violence to solve your problems. And another thing…
JAMIE: Good night, Calista!

JAMIE holds a small gun to CALISTA’S throat and shoots something in her neck. CALISTA drops off to sleep instantly.

JAMIE: I don’t think I’m going to be able to sleep much tonight. Calista didn’t complain much, I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt if I…

JAMIE lies down and shoots herself in the neck.