Episode Three « All Cleared Up

Act 3 – JAMIE comes home and passes MOM-BOT on her way to her bedroom.

MOM-BOT: Jamie, dear! I cooked a lamb for tea, come and have some while it is still hot and partially alive.
JAMIE: No thanks, I told you last time the place down the road does lamb in a bucket. It’s much easier and a lot more humane.
MOM-BOT: What is wrong, my sensors detect that you are upset.
JAMIE: Oh, I’m just having some difficulty with my Science lessons. Nothing a good night of revision won’t sort out.
MOM-BOT: Revision? Is that not a dull, remedial task that only dumb people have to perform?
JAMIE: Why thank you, I feel so much better now.
MOM-BOT: Oh, marvelous! I will go out and see if the neighbours want any lamb. Mr. Hanks in particular was quite upset about his missing… Goat.
JAMIE: Alright, just do your best to try and blend in.

JAMIE goes into her room and closes the door. MOM-BOT begins to leave but pauses in the hall.

MOM-BOT: No. Something is not right, my sensors detect that Jamie is still upset.

MOM-BOT opens JAMIE’S bedroom door as JAMIE is sat at her desk with the Cerebral Elevator. MOM-BOT notices JAMIE’S backpack on the chair next to the door and takes her schedule out. At the same time JAMIE turns on the Cerebral Elevator and immediately begins revising, unaware that MOM-BOT is behind her reading her Science essay.